Power Swabs is the most effective tooth whitening product on the market. Only 5 minutes a day will result in a smile that will make you look years younger!

3 Month Supply

Only 5 Minutes a Day!


Power Swabs Whitens Caps, Crowns and Dentures Guaranteed!

For many years I worked as a dental technician removing stains from dentures while working in the lab. It was a tedious chore, but then again, someone had to do it. Whitens Acrylic as well as porcelain were used extensively in the manufacturing of dental appliances. I found purely by accident that Power Swabs cleaned my dental appliances like new! You have to try this to believe it! This stuff really works!

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Power Swabs

After Only 1 Treament

Today we have a choice to get white teeth without harming the enamel on our teeth.  We must consider that the “whitest” part of our teeth, this so called enamel is only about 2 – 3 mm thick, we do not have a lot there to remove by the dentist using a pumice paste or harsh acidic whiteners. Power Swabs acts in a different manner in brightening your smile.  Power Swabs actually re-hydrates the enamel of your teeth using a safe PH. Power Swabs will even whiten your veneers, caps, and crowns. Completely safe, and will not create tooth sensitivity.


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